In efforts to reorganize and redirect itself for the next wave of space travel NASA developed a new master plan for Kennedy Space Center. This plan includes the design and construction of a new seven-story, 200,000-square foot Headquarters Building and the subsequent retirement and demolition of the existing HQ building. On October 7, 2014 ground was broken and the project was set into motion.

What is CDE’s role in this project? While CDE did not design the new Headquarters Building, nor are we involved in its construction, we are serving as the Threshold Inspection Agent during its construction.

When a building in Florida meets a certain criteria, based on height and occupancy, it is a requirement by the Florida Building Code that a special inspector routinely inspect the structural elements of the building throughout its construction phases.  CDE is proudly supporting NASA in this role and is honored to have a part in construction of this historic new facility.