From Concept to Completion

A real distinguishing factor of CDE from other design firms is the ability to self-design and self-perform construction for any project.  In reality, the design/build approach is quite simple:  CDE designs it and then builds it for the client.  The real draw to the design/build approach is the degree of collaboration that takes place between the stakeholder, the design team, and the actual construction team.  This level of collaboration allows a project to be designed and built with as little hiccups as possible thereby reducing possible unknown construction issues, costly construction change orders, and typically reducing the overall length of the project timeline.  CDE takes full ownership of the a design project - once we are commissioned we become your one centralized point of contact for everything regarding your project and the single responsible party for everything related to the project.  

We have many successful years of experience in the design/build arena and with a wide array of projects types - from gymnasiums and sports fields to airfields to high-tech laboratories.  The projects on the right is a limited view of just some of CDE's most recent design/build projects.  Feel free to take a look at these projects as we believe they demonstrate the true power of the design/build approach as well as CDE's capabilities to help you take your next project from concept to completion.

There Are No Limits…

When CDE launched the design/build and construction division of the company there was only one thing in mind: breaking the barriers.  CDE didn't want to just be another run-of-the-mill contractor, we wanted to be able to provide services for any type of project.  Over the years, CDE's design/build and construction division has performed on the most simplistic of projects to the most highly complex and demanding.  Just as a quick run down, CDE is fully capable of providing design/build and construction services for:

  • Renovation / Remodel / Re-purposing / Additions / Expansions
  • New construction
  • HVAC Systems
  • Chiller Plants
  • High Pressure Gasses
  • Test Stands
  • Space Launch Equipment
  • Satellite Communication
  • Airfields / Runways
  • Industrial Facilities / Shops
  • Synthetic and Non-Synthetic Athletic Fields / Field Lighting
  • Gymnasiums
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Hospitals / Medical Facilities
  • Power Generation / Backup power
  • Complex Building Controls and Automation Systems
  • Docks / Piers / Seawalls

Recent Design/Build Projects