Building A Solid Foundation

Structural engineering is a field whose influence can be seen in just about everything around you, thus why the importance of having a good structural design team is critical.  This is where CDE can help.  CDE’s Structural team is comprised of numerous professionals that have many years of experience in designing a vast array of structures of all shapes, sizes, and purpose.  CDE's Structural team is armed with the latest tools to ensure that all designs are capable to safely perform the needed function no matter the purpose or size.

CDE's Structural team has design experience that ranges from large private residences to educational facilities to mission-critical launch complexes to simple equipment stands.  Our team also has the knowledge and experience to design any structure to withstand the forces of nature including wind, seismic activity, and corrosion.  In short, there isn't much our structural team cannot do.  

If a structure isn't what you are designing, let our team of experts provide you with some of our other services such as foundation design, retaining wall design, wind analysis/design, seismic analysis/design, structural health investigation services, crane design/inspection, and advanced computer modeling/simulation/analysis.


Did you know?

CDE's Structural Engineering Team was responsible for creating the largest and only 3-D structural engineering model of the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building (or VAB) at Kennedy Space Center Florida? At 526 feet tall, the VAB is the largest single-story building in the world, and by volume, the sixth largest building on earth with 348,000 square feet (or 130 million cubic feet).

Recent Structural Projects