Powering the Next Generation

Electrical power designs are a key element to any facility or equipment design, renovation, or retrofit.  For over 18 years, CDE Electrical team has provided superlative quality designs for almost every project that has come through our doors.  Our team of professional electrical engineers can help you design your low/medium/high voltage distribution systems, lighting systems of all kinds, fire alarms systems, controls, and multimedia systems.  It doesn't end there as CDE also offers expertise in designing power generation options (generators/solar/PV), transformer and motor sizing,  lightning protection systems, and power condition.  Have an unknown issue with your power?  Our Electrical team is also experts in conducting a wide array of electrical analysis studies to help diagnose the issues at hand.

Our team offers clients a variegating array of expertise in designs for projects of all types: educational facilities/equipment, clean power, critical power, launch systems power, as well as large industrial and commercial applications.  

Looking for Clean Power?

CDE is always on the forefront of advanced engineering technologies and energy conservation methods. With that being the said, it should come as no surprise that CDE offers our clients access to our unique capability of designing photovoltaic systems, or PV for short. CDE's Electrical team has been designing complex PV systems for a number of clients with spectacular results. So, what is a photovoltaic system? Simply put, PV systems harness the energy of the sun and converts it into usable electricity through solar collectors. PV Systems are growing in popularity for both energy savings and as a way to generate clean power for both residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Let CDE guide you to the best design possible today!

Recent Electrical Projects