Special Inspection Services for New NASA HQ

Cape Design Engineering Co. is supporting NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) by providing Special Inspection Services for new Headquarters Building. The current activity involves driving piles to 90 feet of depth into the ground.  CDE is excited to be supporting NASA and its ongoing mission of Space Exploration. 


A architectural rendering of the new NASA Headquarters building at Kennedy Space Center.
Driving the piles 90' into the ground to support the new building.
A view of the massive piles that need to be drilled down into the ground.

CDE Volunteers for Cape View Elementary

CDE's very own Construction Manager, Mark Lueders, recently volunteered to demonstration Faraday’s Law of Induction to children at Cape View Elementary School in Cape Canaveral, FL.   In addition to learning about Faraday's law, Mr. Lueders also demonstrated to the class why Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) is so important with performing experiments of any kind.  In fact, PPE gear was given to all in the class!

This year’s participation was great and young children learned a good hands-on science lesson and a bit about safety

Thanks for your efforts Mark.

Mr. Lueders instructing the children on the experiment.
A science project for Cape View Elementary students was fun!
A science project for Cape View Elementary students.