Special Inspection Services for New NASA HQ

Cape Design Engineering Co. is supporting NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) by providing Special Inspection Services for new Headquarters Building. The current activity involves driving piles to 90 feet of depth into the ground.  CDE is excited to be supporting NASA and its ongoing mission of Space Exploration. 


A architectural rendering of the new NASA Headquarters building at Kennedy Space Center.
Driving the piles 90' into the ground to support the new building.
A view of the massive piles that need to be drilled down into the ground.

CDE Volunteers for Cape View Elementary

CDE's very own Construction Manager, Mark Lueders, recently volunteered to demonstration Faraday’s Law of Induction to children at Cape View Elementary School in Cape Canaveral, FL.   In addition to learning about Faraday's law, Mr. Lueders also demonstrated to the class why Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) is so important with performing experiments of any kind.  In fact, PPE gear was given to all in the class!

This year’s participation was great and young children learned a good hands-on science lesson and a bit about safety

Thanks for your efforts Mark.

Mr. Lueders instructing the children on the experiment.
A science project for Cape View Elementary students was fun!
A science project for Cape View Elementary students.

CDE’s Ongoing Partnership with ESFC

Cape Design Engineering Co. has a solid commitment to our community. When Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) announced it First Annual EFSC Foundation “Build Your Future” celebration of scholarships, CDE proudly sponsored this event. CDE sees this as an opportunity to fund scholarships to help student attending EFSC earn their college degrees.

The event was held on May 19, 2015 at the Melbourne Campus Public Safety Institute Building. The event was attended by several CDE representatives. The event was a full of various programming such as touring the recently completed Public Safety Institute. Other activities included food samplings from our great area restaurants. The event culminated in an auction of various donated articles that raised more money for the scholarship fund. Our auctioneer, Sheriff Wayne Ivey, conducted an exceptional auction that was kept light and entertaining.

Technical Paper To Be Published in ALN Magazine

CDE principals Kannan Rengarajan and Lutfi Mized wrote a paper that will be published in July/August 2015 issue of ALN Magazine (http://www.alnmag.com). The title of the article is "Standalone Lab Science Building for Hot and Humid Climates - A design-build Approach”. The article is based upon our TurnKey Conference presentation to be held in May 2015 in San Diego, California.


ALN reaches a targeted audience of facility directors, engineers, architects, veterinarians, scientists, and other professionals working in animal research facilities in government, university, private, pharmaceutical, industry, hospital and medical labs.

As a multi-media resource, ALN reports on products and information to design, build, equip, and operate research animal facilities globally. From new product announcements to timely articles, ALN features the latest technology, products, and equipment used in laboratory animal science.

CDE To Present at 2015 TurnKey Conference

CDE principals, Lutfi Mized and Kannan Rengarajan, have been selected to present a technical paper during the 2015 TurnKey Conference to be held May 7 through 8, 2015 In San Diego, California. The theme for the conference is “Focus on Innovation”. The paper will be presented during Session B3 and will be titled Stand-alone Lab Science Building Design for Hot and Humid Climates: A design-build approach.  The following link is for the conference website: http://www.turnkeyconference.com/.  

NASA Presents CDE Team Award

CDE received a prestigious Team Award from NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC). The award was for completing ahead of schedule the design, construction and DEP air emissions permit of a sophisticated design-build project for multiple generators at three sites.  The award is not easily given. The selection committee has technical members and at least one astronaut.  Congratulations to CDE Team.

NASA Team Award

Patrick AFB Marina Project Complete

The Patrick AFB Marina project designed by CDE is complete and in use. CDE designed the complete project including civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering. The project was designed within the budget and estimate that CDE prepared. The piers received new piles and framing, electrical service, plumbing and some of them were upgraded to ADA standards.

Aerial view of the newly renovated Patrick AFB Marina
Aerial view of the newly renovated Patrick AFB Marina