Palm Beach State College Selects CDE!

CDE is proud to announce that we have just been selected by Palm Beach State College to provide ongoing MEP and Structural engineering!

Palm Beach State College is nationally recognized as an innovative academic leader advancing student success through its unparalleled commitment to excellence, engagement, and dynamic partnerships.

Our relationship with the college began in 2004 and we are proud to see our 16-year relationship continue to blossom and grow over the years. Highlights of our relationship with the college include numerous studies, designs, and renovation projects.  One of the most noteworthy projects our partnership has enjoyed was during 2009-2010.  CDE was honored to provide the complete MEP design for a new Technical Education facility as well as renovations to the existing central energy plant at the growing Belle Glade, FL campus.  The new 34,000 square foot facility was the first facility at a Florida State College to achieve the ultimate LEED rating of Platinum. Thanks to our design efforts and the College’s desire to strive for reducing carbon footprints, the new building had a net-zero impact on the existing campus in terms of energy costs. Quite an accomplishment!  If you want to read more details about the Technical Education facility, please click here.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Palm Beach State College as we help them to meet the mission of providing student-centered learning experience that transform lives and strengthen the community.

Live in Palm Beach County and want to know more about Palm Beach State College and their academic opportunities? Visit their website at for more!

CDE awarded four new K-12 Contracts!

CDE is a leader in providing engineering design, construction, and design/build services to an array of clients. CDE especially excels at providing designs for educational institutions from K-12 through the university level. In fact, CDE recently was awarded four new contracts by Florida K-12 entities.

Volusia County Schools

Volusia County Schools awarded two new individual contracts on a continuing basis for Structural and Electrical engineering services. This is our first time working with Volusia County Schools, and we look forward to partnering with their excellent team as they serve more than 61,000 students and 8,000 employees, helping them to ensure that each of their students receive a 21st-century education.

Brevard Public Schools

CDE is proud of our long history with our home county's educational administration entity. For more than a decade, we have provided Brevard Public Schools with MEP, Fire Protection, and Structural engineering services. Just last year, CDE was called on to help Brevard Public Schools with Cocoa High School, performing a sweeping revitalization of existing systems while also designing a new classroom building. In January 2019, Brevard Public Schools awarded CDE two new contracts. Those contracts have us providing on a continuing basis Structural engineering along with MEP and Fire Protection services. We at CDE believe in the truest sense of community, and we consider it a privilege to help our county's educators and also the students who will pave the way to the future.

We are convinced, and we believe you will be too, that CDE offers a clear advantage to the education community. Again and again, we have yielded quantifiable results – evidenced by the number of K-12 contracts awarded to CDE from Flagler County Public Schools, Volusia County Schools, Brevard Public Schools, and Indian River County Public Schools.

Is there any goal or project with your school district, college, or university that we can help you achieve? We would love to be of service to you!